We are very proud and excited to announce that we will be hosting our 1ST Annual Powwow at the University of Virginia.

All Native dancers welcome! If you are not familiar with Native culture, this is a perfect opportunity to learn more and celebrate. Come out, watch the dances, ask questions, and even participate in a few dances!

MC: Harland Richardson
Arena Director: Rick Kelly
Drums: Namawochi & Youghtanund
Head Dancers: Patrick Littlewolf Brooks & Emelie Jeffries

Dancer registry will be available on our website soon and available the day of from 12PM-1PM.



3 thoughts on “NASU’s 1st ANNUAL POW WOW”

  1. Thank you for having a pow wow here in Charlottesville. As a Cherokee, I thought I’d never get to see others of my Nation here!
    Though it was freezing cold and windy, everyone had a great time. You even had fry bread! =P

    I do hope it becomes an annual event.

    Sincerely; Sandy Losi Johnson


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